NAHCA CNA Membership Benefits

There are many CNA member benefits with the National Association of Health Care Assistants (NAHCA). As a CNA association, we stand together to demonstrate our professional pride; and we are changing the public perception of health care facilities such as nursing homes and hospitals, and the CNA and other caregivers who work in them. We have a large number of CNA members nationwide, which has gained the attention of many companies who have partnered with us to honor our members with great discounts on products and services! We work each and every day to improve both the personal and professional lives of our CNA members. Certified Nursing Assistants deserve it, as well as Assisted Living Caregivers, Hospice CNAs, Skilled Nursing Assistants, and others.

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NAHCA Responds to Announcement of Senate Staffing Bill

On Thursday, November 21st, Senator Richard Blumenthal introduced The Quality Care for Nursing Home Residents Act (S.2943). This bill would revise the minimum staffing requirements in America’s skilled nursing centers. The National Association of Health Care Assistants (NAHCA) and its members, support any bill that would ensure sufficient staff to care for America’s frail and elderly and does not accept the current state and lack of staffing requirements… (read more)

“NAHCA takes care of our CNAs, the most important force within any Long Term Care facility.”

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Amanda Jo Certified Nursing Assistant

This year was my first time at the NAHCA Conference, and I loved every minute of it! They’re gods gift to CNA’s. I’m excited to go to more conferences!

Amanda Jo

Barbara Harris Certified Nursing Assistant

I am so happy and proud to be a part of a CNA organization that is the only one in the world for my profession.

Crystal Lessing Certified Nursing Assistant

Awesome people and awesome time! CNA’s are awesome. I loved every minute of the experience.

Dennis Daye Certified Nursing Assistant

A great learning experience and if you are a nurse aid, don’t miss out on a great opportunity to learn new things.