The Board of Directors is comprised of active NAHCA members who serve as the governing body, steering the mission and vision of the Association. These members take the oath of service and make a solemn commitment to ethical practice and leadership. They take an active role in conference planning, educational development and overall experience based counsel to the Association. They are responsible for policy review and recommendations as it pertains to state and federal regulations, public policy and national initiatives such as the annual fundraiser and other special projects..

Lisa Shepherd - NAHCA Board of Directors


Lisa Shepherd – Chair

Appointed to the Board January 2013

Began as a CNA in 1986

With current employer, Dubuque Specialty Care in Dubuque, Iowa for 7 years

NAHCA Certified Preceptor and Dubuque NAHCA Leadership Team Facilitator

NAHCA’s 2014 Resident Service Commitment Award winner

“I LOVE what I get to do every day for my residents and their families because I know I’m making a difference.  I hope that someday all CNAs will get to be a part of NAHCA and experience the pride and camaraderie of belonging to a professional association.”

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Sherry Perry - NAHCA Board of Directors


Sherry Perry – Vice Chair

Appointed to the Board in 2015

CNA for 29 years, works at her current facility Quality Health and Rehab in Tennessee for 22 years.

NLT Facilitator and also Certified Preceptor

NAHCA CNA Member of the year 2016

Facility of the Year in 2015

“Being a member of NAHCA has inspired me to be the best CNA I can be.  It’s helped me to realize that my voice can make a difference not only for other CNAs but most importantly the elders we care for.”

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Tina Roberts - NAHCA Board of Directors

Tina Roberts – Board Member

Appointed to the Board June 2014

38 years as a CNA

With current employer, Cumberland Village in La Follette, Tennessee for 9 years

NAHCA Certified Preceptor and Courtyard

NAHCA Leadership Team (President) and Retention Committee

NAHCA’s 2013 Preceptor of the Year Award winner

“It is an honor for me to be on the Board of Directors.  I have so much fun and I love getting together and seeing all the great things we can do as leaders.”

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Samantha Maddox - NAHCA Board of Directors

Samantha Maddox – Board Member

Appointed to the Board April 2015

4 years as a CNA

With current employer, Gregston Nursing Home in Marlow, Oklahoma for 4 years

NAHCA Certified Preceptor and Gregston NAHCA Leadership Team member

NAHCA’s 2014 Continuous Quality Improvement Award winner

“Being a part of NAHCA’s Board of Directors has been amazing.  To be able to support the CNA field brings such happiness to me, by helping NAHCA live out its mission and vision to fight for the future of nursing assistants.”

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Karren Ganschinietz - NAHCA Board of Directors

Karren Ganschinietz – Treasurer

Appointed to the Board in 2016

31 years as a CNA

Currently works at Missouri Veteran’s Home, St. James, MO

Co-Chair of her NAHCA Leadership Team

2010 Quality Caregiver Award

2014 NAHCA Essay Winner

“It’s an honor and privilege to be on the NAHCA Board of Directors.  I take great pride in the profession I have chosen as my career and am very excited for the opportunity to learn and grow as an individual and a leader.”

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Sheena Bumpas - NAHCA Board of Directors

Sheena Bumpas – Board Member

Appointed to the Board in 2016

13 years as a CNA

Currently works at Wilkins Health and Rehab

President of her NAHCA Leadership Team

Won the Excellence in Leadership award at the last two Key to Quality Awards

“I was born with a calling for the healthcare profession, especially caring for our elders. NAHCA and being part of the Board of Directors has encouraged me, educated me, and helped me share my passion with others.”

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