The Pieces of a Puzzle that Make Up Direct Care

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While traveling recently, I was lucky enough to get a window seat. After takeoff, I noticed how I could see pieces of land, water, and what look like mountains. I was amazed by how they all came toget...


Still Standing: In the Words of CNAs

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“I’m Still Standing” is the theme for CNA Week 2022, based on the song by Elton John. We felt this completely represented how CNAs feel after the last two years. On a Facebook post that re...


The Care You Get: When There Aren’t Enough Hours in the Day

You’re short-staffed to begin with and another CNA calls in sick. You already had 20 residents, and now you have 27. You want every single one of them to get the care they need and deserve, but there ...


Celebrating CNA Week June 17-24!

CNA’s help maintain care in some of the nation’s most difficult environments. During the COVID 19 crisis, CNA’s were deemed as having the most dangerous in America. We should celebrate these men and w...