Champion Membership

Champions deserve to be recognized, especially now.

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Caregiver Recognition

The Champion Membership helps you recognize CNAs and frontline caregivers for the vital work they do every day with merchandise, physical notes of appreciation, and automatic enrollment into the only national association for CNAs. (Click to see more)

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Each center enrolled in Champion Membership will receive a Swag Bag with select merchandise. The bag (of which can be a giveaway, itself) will contain t-shirts, pens, buttons, and other various items that can be awarded to your star caregivers for their performance, attendance, or attitude. It is entirely up to you on how you wish to reward your stars. They will appreciate you taking notice and it will incentivize the others.

cna cards
Nothing says “thank you” like a good, old-fashioned card. The cover says exactly what you mean, “We Love CNAs” and the inside is left blank for you to write-in your own personalized message. You may also insert a gift card, cash, or certificate of some kind as an additional gift. The number of cards you’ll receive is dependent on the number of caregivers that are on staff at your building. These high-quality cards are 5.5” x 4” folded in a silk coating matte finish which make it incredibly easy to write on for your personalized message.
Each caregiver on your staff will be provided with the tools to enroll in NAHCA membership (a $30 per year value per caregiver). They will have access to NAHCA’s monthly newsletter, benefits in NAHCA’s Resource Center, and the Members Only section of the website. A specific number of business-card-sized cards (based on number of caregivers on staff at your building) will be sent that has the instructions for each caregiver to electronically enroll for free. The center would simply distribute the cards to each caregiver.
Caregivers will receive discounts to merchandise in NAHCA’s ProShop, attendance to the annual two-day CNA Fest conference, and access to discounted coaching sessions. Registration for CNA Fest is $500 per non-member, but caregivers in a Champion Membership center would receive the discounted member rate at $425.
Center Recognition

Center Recognition

In our book, companies that recognize and invest in their CNAs and caregivers deserve all the praise in the world. You’re taking the time and resources to do what many won’t, and we applaud you for that. We’ll send out a press release to your local news, give you a shout-out on social media, and provide you with two decals for you to display. (Click to see more)

Upon your center’s enrollment, NAHCA will generate a press release to recognize your investment in your frontline, and your dedication to your staff and the care provided to your residents. The press release will be distributed by NAHCA to your local news outlets. We will ask - upon enrollment - your suggestions for which news outlets you would prefer.
NAHCA has a broad following on social media and those that tune in for our news and updates would love to hear about the centers that go above and beyond for their caregivers. We’ll give you a shout-out on our platforms and you will be able to share the shout-out on your own
social media platforms.
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You’re doing something many won’t, and you should show that off and be proud. That’s why we will send you two decals to let everyone know that walks into your building that they’re in good hands because you invest in CNAs. Whether that be visitors, staff, potential staff or residents, they’ll see that those that handle over 90% of the direct patient care in your building are important and treated as such. We’d suggest sticking one of the decals on your front door (above the handle) so no one misses it.

Listen to the videos below to hear what Administrators have to say about having NAHCA CNAs in their facilities.

“The energy and the empowerment that NAHCA has given to our state has truly enhanced the depth of membership and the work that we do as a state association.”
“For me, as an administrator, to know that there are people supporting them, it’s not just me taking care of my CNAs. There is a national organization that cares.”
“When you have satisfied and content CNAs, the care is better, and you’re going to have less nursing assistant turnover.”

Additional Resources

The priority for the Champion Membership model is recognition, but we will also provide your team with the tools to take a good team and make it great! With this membership, your team will have access to professional consultation services, your own Certified Preceptors to train newly hired staff, and our brand-new Recognition Resource Library. (Click to learn more)

Each month, NAHCA will host electronic consultations for your caregivers and staff to attend. The attendees will be CNAs and ALCs from across the country and they’ll be able to ask questions in real time and get feedback from our experts. The experts can be seen through video and can be viewed from anywhere that has an internet or mobile connection. Topics will vary by month.
Depending on the level you select, two or four of your CNAs or ALCs will take our Certified Preceptor Course. Once completed, they will become NAHCA Certified Preceptors and be able to train your newly hired CNAs or ALCs. The Preceptor Course has multiple modules for your selected team member to enhance their skills in being a peer mentor and trainer. Having a peer trainer and then a peer mentor has proven to reduce the level of burnout for new staff, leaving you with lower turnover and better care outcomes. Additional Preceptor Courses are available for purchase.
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Our Recognition Resource Library is full of resources for you and your team to utilize. There are many articles and blogs to help leadership recognize their CNAs and ALCs, as well as ideas for CNAs and ALCs to recognize each other. There are many videos and learning opportunities that are right there in the Library for you and your team to check out at your leisure. The biggest resource though, is our CNA Leadership Committee Manual. This manual gives you everything you need for select CNAs or ALCs to develop and maintain their own Leadership Committee and work on projects that enhance the work life of the staff and the quality of life for the residents. These Committees don’t have a timeframe to be developed; they are made how you want them to be made – we just give you framework to do so.