2018/08/21 08:30:00

CNA-TV Scavenger Hunt Questions

  1. What is printed on Lisa Sweets shirt in the episode of CNA Heroes featuring Ernestine Parnell?
  2. What are the names of the current segments on CNA TV?
  3. On the CNA TV segment “From the Heart” there is a small building in front of the barn in the background. What is on that building?
  4. What is the date on the segment of LTC News in which Dane features a story about “being eaten alive”?
  5. What is the “catch phrase” that is said at the end of every broadcast of The NAHCA BreakRoom?
  6. Who hosts the CNA TV segment “Grassroots Advocacy”?
  7. Who hosted Katie in the Morning while Katie was out of the office?
  8. Who was featured on the July 13th segment of CNA Hero’s?
  9. On June 11th where did Katie and Dane say that the NAHCA Staff were going to help celebrate National Career CNA Appreciation Day?
  10. What word does John Willard use to address his audience?
  11. Grassroots Advocacy is a segment that helps us understand how to be the voice of those who cannot speak for themselves. On what date did this segment premier?
  12. On the April 13th segment of LTC NEWS Dane covers a story where an individual impersonated a Nurse. In what state did this happen?
  13. There is only 1 “Breaking news story” what is the event that is featured?
  14. What is the special request for the anonymous viewer on the NAHCA BreakRoom on April 25th?
  15. Of the NAHCA Staff, who are the two that appear the most on the NAHCA BreakRoom?