Celebrate CNA Week Toolkit

CNA Week began June 17 and lasted through June 24. NAHCA created this toolkit for CNAs and for the facilities where they work so that everyone could celebrate, recognize, and pay their respects to the incredible work that the nearly 1 million-strong contingent of frontline heroes has done over the past 16 months.

Never before in the history of long-term and post-acute care have CNAs had such a positive impact on older adults and those who work in and manage nursing homes, assisted living communities, and in home care.

This toolkit is designed for all providers to use in celebrating their healthcare heroes via social media and throughout the centers.

On this page are social media posts to use for your Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Each file is downloadable and sized appropriately. >> Click Here << to view the images.

The video (above) is also downloadable in a file format that is compatible with most platforms.

>> Click here << for COVID-19 Resources for CNAs.

"Their life is my life's work. I am a lifeline, protector and a voice when no one else can be. I am a CNA."
Karren Ganschinietz - NAHCA Board of Directors
Karren Ganschinietz

CNA Week Webinars

Also in recognition of CNA Week is a two-part webinar series to help CNAs feel empowered, confident, and secure on the job. After a difficult and often devastating year, they deserve to have workplaces where they are treated with respect and dignity, included as valued team members, and provided with the resources and equipment they need to stay safe.

Webinar 1: Self-Advocacy at Work (June 17)

As a CNA, you love your residents and caring for them everyday. But you can face challenges with difficult coworkers or supervisors, bias and favoritism, and issues such as bullying, gossip, and gaslighting. In this important webinar, Lori Porter shares tips and strategies for handling tough situations, improving workplace relationships, and feeling more satisfied and empowered on the job.

Webinar 2: Know Your Value as a CNA (June 24)

CNA week is a celebration of CNAs, their passion, their gifts, and their importance to residents and teams. This special webinar starts the week with an inspiring, empowering talk from our very own Lori Porter, along with a special guest, about the value of CNAs, how their daily contributions make a powerful difference, and how their workplaces can and should support them.

Join us for this important webinar to explore the value of CNAs as frontline caregivers and how they can understand their power and influence.