CNA Fest Club Account:

We realize that it can be difficult to pay for conference registration in one chunk.  This was especially evident during Conference 2017.  Because of this, we have created the “Conference Club”.  It is an easy way to spread the cost of conference out over time.  For example, $40 a month might be more manageable than writing a check for $400 at one time.  If you’d prefer to pay the whole registration amount at once, you can do that as well.

NAHCA also looked at how we might keep cost down to a minimum and that is part of the reason we selected the location in Little Rock.  In the past, our members would be asked to pay for registration, lodging and travel to attend conference.  Now, registration and lodging are included in one very reasonable price of $400.  Transportation costs will vary depending upon how a member gets to Little Rock.  We checked to see what air travel cost looked like on Southwest and it was inexpensive.

You are welcome to make as many deposits as you need to reach the total of $400.00.  You will also be asked about payment method.  We can accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover or you may create an electronic check using your banking information.  Once your request has been processed you will see a message on the screen and you will receive an e-mail.

You may login as often as you like to either make additional deposits or to check on your account balance.  Your deposits will remain in the Conference Club Account until it is applied to your registration for CNA Fest 2018.  We realize that in rare instances it may be necessary for a person to make an early withdrawal of funds.  Because of the automated systems, a person who decides to make an early withdrawal of funds will see a 20% decrease to off-set account maintenance and transaction fees that NAHCA incurs.

It is our hope that the Conference Club Account makes it easier and more convenient to participate in CNA Fest 2018.  If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us at 417-623-6049 or via e-mail at