One thought on “Does One Size Really Fit All”

  1. Being in the medical field for a number of years with a heart to care for people who need that extra help to maintain their well being and quality of life. I feel like the medical field is not being honored with better paid and benefits, that fast food places and stores are being honored better than us. It’ s hard to accept how we in the medical field are looked down upon and not appreciated for the value of who we are and employers don’t take care of us that we may properly take care of our families, some are forced to have take on another job or two just to make up the difference for our families which leads to loss of time with our families. We grow with disappoint as we give our hearts to care and yet we are not able to care for our families because of the lack we experience as medical professions. I would like to see employers take to heart what matters to us. Thank you for all who understand what we as health care professions go through and all who have given of themselves to make one’s life better because you cared. May The Lord Bless You and Your Families! !!

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