Illinois CNA Certification Requirements

  • Complete an approved CNA program
  • Including 80 hours of education + 40 hours of clinicals (at least 12 hours will focus on dementia)
  • Take and pass the Nursing Assistant Proficiency Exam
"As a CNA, you hold your residents in the palms of your hands."
Lori Porter - NAHCA Co-Founder, CEO
Lori Porter
Co-Founder / CEO, National Association of Health Care Assistants
CNAs Matter

What is a CNA?

Certified Nursing Assistants often have a better understanding of the residents’ needs and requirements than the additional nursing staff. Many will develop ongoing relationships with the patients as they have more one-on-one time with them than any other in the medical staff.

During the course of a shift, they are required to maintain records of all their residents, which are referred to by the nursing staff. They have to be sure to document the correct information, which includes the vital signs and any changes they observe in their condition. It is their job as Certified Nursing Assistants to inform the medical staff if the resident under their observation needs more urgent care.