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Because NAHCA wants to meet all of our member’s expectations, we offer three different membership levels.

CNA Premier

$10.83 per month

This membership option contains all of the great features of the CNA Membership and adds access to additional courses in the NAHCA Virtual Campus of Care (NVCC).

CNA Standard

$5.83 per month

We realize that not all wages are where they should be for the remarkable people who care for our frail, elderly and disabled. As a result, we offer this CNA Membership at the most cost effective rate possible.

CNA Student

$25 per year

For those who are currently in; high school Vo-tech programs in health occupations, junior college Vo-tech programs or center base CNA classes.

“I became a CNA member of NAHCA because it is the only National CNA association in the world. Being a member of this association makes me feel proud and it is an honor to be part of a larger professional community. NAHCA helps build important skills like leadership. The education they offer is second to none. Being a part of this organization has improved my self-esteem and appreciation for my profession!”

Barbara Harris, Baltimore, Maryland

“I am a Individual member and I’m so happy and proud to be apart of an organization that is the only one in the world for my profession. Please pass the information on to any nursing assistant that you may know. They will definitely benefit from this organization! The best thing about NAHCA is they help us realize that we are more than just CNA’s and our role matters.”

Amanda Jo, Danville, Iowa

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