CNA PREMIER MEMBERSHIP  $10.83 per month

Some of our members consistently show us that they want more; education, opportunity and resources.  Because NAHCA wants to meet all of our member’s expectations we created the CNA Premier Membership.  This membership option contains all of the great features of the CNA Membership and adds access to additional courses in the NAHCA Virtual Campus of Care (NVCC).  This membership type will allow our members to take either the Geriatric Care Specialist Course or the Certified Preceptor Course.  CNA Premiere Membership includes the following:

  • Additional 20 Hours of Continuing Education on NVCC
  • Free Access to Required Education Courses in the NAHCA Virtual Campus of Care
  • Subscription to NAHCA’s Electronic Blog “MyCaregiver”
  • Monthly Electronic Newsletter “NAHCA Edge”
  • Free Access to NAHCA’s Member Resource Center
  • Online Access to Monthly Video Segment “Ask Lori Anything”

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