NVCC NAHCA Virtual Campus of Care



NAHCA Virtual Campus of Care

During the development of the NVCC, the National Association of Health Care Assistants carefully considered our members and what they would find useful.  CNAs want flexibility.  The online content is set-up so a person can start and stop as they chose.  That being said, flexibility with regard to how the education is accessed: laptop, tablet, smart phone or even smart TV.  Anywhere, anytime or any device; it’s all about you.  Caregivers are also very diverse when it comes to their learning styles.  For this reason, the lessons are constructed in a multimedia format to include as many different types of learners as possible in a distance learning format.

Just like the great people we care for on a daily basis, CNAs are whole people.  With this fact in mind, NAHCA developed this online feature that is intended to help our members personally, professionally and organizationally.  The courses are divided into five major categories:  Clinical, Elective, Exclusive, General, and Required Education.  The Clinical Education is designed to build upon the foundation from your initial certification course and to advance your clinical knowledge.  The General Education is delivered to enhance inter-personal skills like; leadership, team-building, communications and conflict resolution.  The Required Education content is presented to help you stay in compliance with regulations for mandatory annual education requirements.  Once you have enrolled in the NVCC, we will be glad to discuss both Elective and Exclusive Education.

Here are the facts and what CNAs and Caregivers, like you, are saying about NVCC and the courses:

There are over

39,000 course evaluations completed.

99% of the evaluations

strongly agreed that, “NVCC is a convenient way for me to learn about my profession.”

98 % of the evaluations

strongly agreed, “The information in the lessons could be immediately applied to my work.”


93% of the evaluations

strongly agreed that, “The courses are relevant and interesting.”