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    1. Hello Kim just wanted to tell u how a incredible person u are, I’m CNA as well n been in the field for 7 years or so but ur amazing story is n inspiration of what a truly a human being should be n I thank u for that what we do for this people doesn’t make us unique but rather empathetic to those who needs us, n their needs n what really matters is that at the end of the day it’s the greatest fulfillment n love of all that makes us who we are n what we do that’s priceless, u have done a great job.

    2. BEAUTIFUL!! Couldn’t have said it better than that my friend. I’ve been an RN for 32 yrs. but I worked in long term care in the same place as a CNA for 10 yrs before I became a nurse. I love my job. I love my mom more than anyone in the world just like you. I treat everyone of my patients as I would my own mother. And if I can make a patients last day like it was the best day of their life or that they make a difference, and care for them with a caring heart loving soft and gentle touch, empathy and dignity , I feel that I’ve put my stamp on their heart. God loves you and blesses you for the special person that you are. I’m sure u have touched a lot of people. It won’t go unnoticed. Thank you so much for your story and yes I was in tears. Diann Bohall RN

    3. Thanks Kim for your story! I Pray
      One day that people see us how so much more than “just a CNA “ and see that we play a big role in people’s lives. But I want be holding my breath on that because CNA’s get know respect in the health care field. So the day I see change it that I Would over the moon with happiness. I just don’t know if that day would EVER come! God bless all in you do as My Fellow CNA!!

    4. Hi! Kim, while I am reading your beautiful inspiring story, you made me cry. I admire your dedication into your job as well as your family. You are an amazing human being in the planet. I will carry your story as as long as I leave. Because I know in 5 months time I will be a CNA like you….You are a great role model to all the CNA’s thank you for an inspiring story.

    5. Kim you have made me cry.God will truly reward you for your dedication and commitment.
      Thanks for sharing your story. .I am a Registered Nurse for over twenty years. But was a CNA before I became an RN.

    6. I was a CNA before I went to nursing school. Same as Kim, I got not training, I was hired and put to work. Being a CNA was the single hardest job I have ever done in my 25 yrs of working. I was underpaid and overworked. But, it was hands down the most fulfilling work as well. It was actual nursing care. The good CNA’s , I am convinced, have a special place in Heaven. I haven’t been in a position to work with CNA’s in several years. But , any time I do have the opportunity to, I am mind blown at all that I learn, the tricks and smart ways to do things that they learn out of necessity. I cannot sing your praises enough, Kim for the work you do.

    7. Kim, I found this while looking for an agency to provide care for my loved one. It’s a struggle to find anyone dependable enough to even show up. You are a true blessing to all those you’ve helped. I am sorry to say that I know that you are the exception and not the rule. It’s so sad that people take this job thinking it’s easy and just a job. My daughter is 33 years old she is intellectually and physically disabled. My job started the moment she was born and has never ended. Now my own health has gotten so bad that I can’t care for my child. I’m struggling to find an agency to provide adequate staffing. If I could just find someone with half your compassion my prayers would be answered. I guess God intended for me to see your story, possibly for me to hold on to the thought their is someone out there for my girl. Thank you for telling your story.

  1. Wow ,I am finally glad someone I can relate to we need to talk girl I am so proud of you thank you for sharing your story
    Kim is her name and she is a amazing cna !!!!

  2. Wiw, i can certainly relate Kim. I’ve been a cna for 30 years and I’ve had so many of my residents pass in my arms that i lost count. I’m now a live-in home care aid and still loving every minute of it!

  3. Kim you are truly amazing, as I sit here with tears in my eyes, I think of my own journey thru my CNA career. I have been blessed to be able to touch many lives throughout the years. Our stories are somewhat the same. I am proud to be a CNA. It was my true calling that’s for sure.

  4. Thank you all for your kind words in response to my story. I appreciate the fact that you took the time to read it. We are all on the same journey, just taking our own paths. I look forward to seeing you all in August!!!! <3

  5. Thank you for sharing your story and experiences as a CNA, daughter, daughter in law and wife. You’re living out God’s purpose in your life and for that you’re blessing the lives of the sick and aging. Although I began career as CNA 35 years ago I went another direction but my grandmother, mom and sisters all CNA care. My mom was called a death angel as she held the hand of many who passed. My grandmother retired as a CNA and never had a driving license. My mother passed this year and my CNA skills resurfaced as I cared for her at home and eventually she was transferred to my sisters work location the final months of her life as she was an acquired hemophilia. There my sister and I were by my mom’s side to enjoy the still bright and lovely moments left with mom. CNA work is not a job but a gift so thank you for following your gift!! After mom passed I decided not to return to my prior career but I’m now working around the aged and dementia community where I can be a light in their day! God Bless from another Kim .

  6. Hi Kim,
    I have a loved one in assisted living and have seen first hand the wonderful difference that competent, loving care can make to the patient and the family. And now I get to present a session for an assisted living facility in our area and when looking for inspirational stories I found yours. And I am going to use it in my presentation. Thank you, be well, keep up the beautiful work.

  7. Hi my name is Kim also and I understand everything you been through I to am a CNA of 15 year and I love my patients and my job. We share similar experiences I have taken care of my grandmother and parents while working 12 hours it’s a hard job but someone has to do much respect and love

  8. Hi Kim, you are a remarkable person for what you do. But then so are many the world over that do this kind of work. I have been a CNA for thirty years. I was 31 when I started in this field, after raising four children. I started at a head injured facility and the way I got trained was hands on by another aide. I got trained, it took six months, the teacher worked with me(cause I still had children at home to care for) to get my cna degree and that year the state required nurses aides to have a license. That was 1988. Just like you my motto when I started was that I thought if I were in their place how would I want to be treated and so I with empathy and dignity treat each and everyone I care for with love and respect. It is a hard work but very rewarding. Bless you for all that you do and for your story.

  9. I was so touched by your story as a CNA, next week I will be starting my journey as a CNA and I’m very nervous about it. I hope I can make a difference in someone’s life!

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