The Power of Togetherness


Loneliness and isolation are felt by millions of people everyday, even with the population in the United States now estimated at 335.1 million, according to the US Census Bureau. Unfortunately, feelin...


What’s In A Name?

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What’s in a name? Everything! From a very young age, we are taught to show respect to others when we are addressing them. When speaking with or responding to people, we use words such as Ma’am, Sir, M...


Did Someone Say Adventure?

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January is the month to celebrate National Activity Professional Week! This year, it’s celebrated from Jan. 23 to 27, with theme of “Adventure Awaits.” The National Association of Ac...


Still Standing: In the Words of CNAs

“I’m Still Standing” is the theme for CNA Week 2022, based on the song by Elton John. We felt this completely represented how CNAs feel after the last two years. On a Facebook post that re...


A CNA Wants To Be Paid

by Terrisita Stewart, NAHCA Contributor As with any profession, the way to attract job recruits and increase retention is mostly achieved through monetary value. CNAs want to be paid for all the hard ...